Pastor Jim Wandell

Evangelist, preacher and author also known as "the preachin' carpenter" is dedicated to preaching the Word of Faith, as he teaches the whole truth of the Bible uncompromised and unconditional to man’s word.

Called to America to bring the message of faith, prosperity, healing and obedience, he travels around the country bolding preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  His preaching is straightforward, often humorous, and easily understood as she shares real life situations along with the Word.
The anointed message that Pastor brings and the way it is delivered transcends all racial and cultural barriers, and is well received by those who have ears to hear the heart of God. His purpose and vision is to help build the Kingdom of God.
Orphaned at the age of 15, and knowing the daily struggles of those who are lacking in many areas of their life, Jim also ministers through programs that focus on the function of the family as a whole, youth and community outreach by teaching Godly principles, and ministering to the orphans, widows and senior citizens.
Pastors Jim and Cher are founders of Shield of Faith Family & Youth Ministries (aka SOFFY ®). They have worked with families and youth for over 20 years and have a calling on them to:
Gather the Children for the Kingdom of God.

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