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Christian Living & Relationships Articles - PDF & Print Copies made available from cfaith.

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·        Be Bold! A message on Christian Living
Recently I was preaching in our home church, Shield Of Faith Worship Center, about certain women in the Bible. Since it was a special service for ...

·        Building A Godly Family Part 1 on Relationships
Here are some ways to establish a godly family: Plan family nights around Bible or board...

·        Building A Godly Family Part 2 on Relationships
Building a godly family takes work on our part. Holiness doesn't come without real ..

·        Raising Godly Children
What message are you sending your family and kids? You are establishing the pattern in your child's ...

·        The Cost of BreakingThe Law message on Christian Living
Did you ever notice that most people don't seem to have a ...

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